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Jianping chemical industry has more than 20 years of production technology and advanced production testing equipment, relying on the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of chemistry, Chemical Engineering Institute of Nanjing University of Technology and other major R & D strength, to ensure that the Jianping chemical industry has a strong product development and innovation ability. In order to ensure the safety of the production process technology, our company all controlled by DCS operating system, realize man-machine exchange, remote control, emergency shutdown, emergency rescue and other interlocking device. In recent years, the company increased R & D investment, in 2012 was awarded the "national high tech enterprise", with independent 5 invention patents, and 2 patents of invention. Companies adhere to rely on technological innovation to seek development, positive and enterprising spirit to accurately grasp the market opportunities, increase investment in science and technology and the pace of development of new products, according to the development trend of market demand, insist on a high standard of high starting point, with the Nanjing University of Technology, Chengdu University of Science and Technology, Xuzhou Institute of technology and other colleges and universities of "production, learning, research" joint research, to meet the state industrial policy, energy saving, environmental protection, efficient direction of science and technology achievements into high-tech products, to maintain the level of product technology in the domestic front, and successfully into the market.

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